Our Precious Bees

As we discuss bees, we would like to highlight the awareness to their struggle for survival, and the great benefits they provide for us humans. We will also discuss what to do if your are in a situation where you have bees and require them to be removed for safety reasons.

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How to Identify Bees

What to Tell the Difference Between a Bee from a Wasp

While there is no mistaking the large, somewhat clumsy-looking bumblebee, a lot of people get the much smaller honey bee confused with the wasp. Both of these categories of bees have a more furry-looking appearance than their wasp & hornet cousins.

A close-up photo of a honey bee

Honey Bee

A close-up photo of a bumble bee.

Bumble Bee

How to Identify a Bees Nest

Bees will sometimes take up residence in wall voids of various structures. When these nests are high above head height, it can be difficult to determine whether it belongs to wasps or bees. One thing you can often see from a distance is the activity around the nest. Wasps tend to come and go directly into the cracks. Honey bees on the other hand tend to hover and crowd around the opening of the nest.

Busy bee pollinating a yellow flower
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What to Do If You Have a Bees Nest on Your Property

When it comes to bees, we will typically put you in touch with local beekeepers, in an attempt to relocate the hive. While not always successful, we feel it is worth the fort to try and preserve these powerful little pollinators.