Northern Pocket Gophers

Sometimes known as the ‘invisible gopher’, and also often misdiagnosed as moles, northern pocket gophers are a shy creature. They typically surface only after dark. These small critters are amazingly effective at destroying plants, gardens and lawns. In their wake, they tend to leave trails of dirt mounds with no visible entry hole. Like most rodents, early detection and treatment is the best form of protection for your property.

Because pocket gophers are so elusive during the daytime, finding photos of them is somewhat difficult. The image you see here does show the large front teeth. For more information on the northern pocket gopher, there is an interesting article by Gov’t of Manitoba.

Photo of a pocket gopher peering out from a burrow

Northern Pocket Gopher

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Photo of a ground squirrel standing on hind legs

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

What You Think are Gophers, May Actually be Ground Squirrels

What most people call ‘gophers’ are in fact ‘richardson’s ground squirrels’. You may consider these little furry creatures to be cute, but don’t let their good looks fool you. They can be very destructive to property, and even cause unsafe conditions in places like playgrounds and livestock areas. They are also known to be flea carriers.

Once you notice one ‘gopher’, generally many more will follow in a short period of time. We’ve been successfully treating gopher problems in a safe and timely manner for over 40 years. We’re here to help. Just give us a call!

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