Mouse Control in Medicine Hat

It may start with a strange scratching noise. Or, more visibly, with chewed paper or tiny droppings. Once inside your home or business, mice have no intentions of leaving. The problems don’t end at mice being destructive and dirty. They are also prolific breeders. In fact, one pregnant female can turn into dozens of mice in a few short months!

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We Know How to Get Rid of Mice and Minimize Risk of Them Returning

All of our licensed technicians are trained to identify rodent issues and deal with them in a safe and timely manner. During the treatment of the known issue, we also perform inspections. This helps to help identify potential entrance points. Additionally, we can provide recommendations for any modifications or repairs that can help eliminate future mice infestations.

Our team Southland Pest Control has experienced and eliminated thousands of various rodent infestations in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Large or small, we take utmost care of every rodent treatment situation. Our 3 generations of our family business enable us to have the experience for faster identification and know-how to take the most effective response. This means faster elimination of your mouse or other rodent problem. Hesitation equals multiplication, so contact us today! We’d love to help.

Cute photo of a common house mouse standing on hind legs.
Photo of a common house mouse. Side view.

Common House Mouse