Hornets Found in Alberta

Often misidentified as wasps, hornets have always had a reputation of being the most aggressive of our summer stinging insects. With this in mind, we will discuss how to know if you have hornets around your home, cottage or business, and what to do if that is the case.

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How to Identify Hornets

What do Hornets Look Like?

Unlike the more commonly seen yellow & black wasp, the colouration of hornets is black and white. Hornets are also twice the size of wasps and pack a larger wallop when they sting.

In the 2nd image of the hornet in the grass, you can see a queen bald-faced hornet. She can be recognized by slightly wider and darker coloured markings than workers. She is also slightly larger.

Photo of a bald faced hornet up close showing the split face appearance
Close-up photo of a queen bald faced hornet. Top-front view.
Photo by Sean Craig -Click Theory Ltd.


How to Identify a Hornet Nest

Most often, hornets construct nests in exposed areas. Most commonly in trees and hedges. They create a much stronger nest than the wasp, which allows them to more effectively endure the weather. We have been seeing an increase in hornets in Medicine Hat and area in recent years.

Photo of a hornet nest on the side of a shed, showing no shelter from weather is needed for a hornets' nest
Photo of a hornet nest in a tree.
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How to Remove Hornets

Our advice if you have hornets on your property is to approach removal with great caution. Better yet, get in touch with your local pest control company and let them take care of your hornet situation for you.

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